Excellence in worship.



Connecting people to each other and to God through the gift of music as a medium of worship.



Becoming worshipers of the father in truth and in spirit


A striking feature that will not escape your notice at Deliverance Church Donholm is the attention and emphasis given to worship. Reverend Mathew is a Worship pastor by calling and he has spurred members of the church to desire to be worshipers of God in truth and spirit.

The worship ministry is taken with the seriousness it deserves and Reverend gives challenge to the team to approach it with a desire for excellence as per the vision of the team being to restore true worship in the body of Christ. He oversees this ministry.

While aiming to restore true worship, the worship team purposes to live lives of integrity and worship serving as examples to others in the same calling

Our Mission

To introduce people to Jesus Christ, making them worshipers of the Father in Spirit and truth to help them grow in their Christ-like character so that they can reproduce the same process in others.

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