We are a couple’s ministry and our vision is to have Christ-enriched marriages as we believe marriages are working and not failing.


Responsibilities as a ministry

We exist to equip couples in building Godly marriages, seeking the Lord’s will for their own one-flesh relationship to produce families which will be lighthouses to nations


Achievement as a ministry

  • We have taken 4 classes on post marital counseling i.e. 2=1 course and graduated 3 classes so far.
  • We have had several successful talks including Finances, Infidelity in marriage etc.
  • We have done successful trips as below with a lot of input from our patron Rev Mathew Wambua :
  1. Taken couples to Dubai
  2. Taken couples to Naivasha
  3. Taken couples to Mombasa
  • We have gone for successful retreats as below with a lot of input from our patron Rev Mathew Wambua
  1. Taken couples to Karen (Sam Mburu retreat center)
  2. Taken couples to West breeze.

Leaders in the Ministry

We have a committee of seven couples as listed below:

  1. & Mrs. Joseph & Leah Okwiry
  2. & Mrs. Charles & Lilian Mwashuma
  3. & Mrs. Lawrence & Christine Karanja
  4. & Mrs. Shakespeare & Catherine Kattama
  5. & Mrs. Paul & Juliana Mwendwa
  6. & Mrs. Moses & Anne Njue
  7. & Mrs. Raymond & Lilian Busisa

Contact person in the ministry


If you would like to become part of this ministry please do not hesitate to contact:

+254 724 711 747 / +254 (0)20 529 6485- Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leah Okwiry

Our Mission

To introduce people to Jesus Christ, making them worshipers of the Father in Spirit and truth to help them grow in their Christ-like character so that they can reproduce the same process in others.

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