This is a ministry that takes nurtures ladies in the body of Christ. The Deliverance Church Donholm family believes in the woman as the homemaker and hence supports the various ministry initiatives to help the woman to perform this task effectively in a world that is full of misconceptions about the role of women. The ministry takes special care of the spiritual and social needs of the single ladies, Single mothers, the widows, Ladies with husbands not born again with an aim of giving them support and empowering them for effectiveness in both their personal and family lives.



Godly women positively impacting the church and society



To nurture confident, committed Godly women of integrity who have a passion for social involvement and church growth.



Equipping women to achieve excellence



  1. Provide an environment that is gender sensitive that gives ladies freedom to express themselves on issues affecting them without fear of prejudice
  2. Nurture group members’ growth in their Christian faith. Providing a forum for discipleship, experiential guidance and encouragement hence building them up.
  3. The group also provides anchorage for members giving them a sense of belonging. Intimate relationships are formed as members interact closely with one another
  4. Spiritual gifts are nurtured and their use encouraged in God’s service. Group members, therefore, become vital participants in a community of believers becoming effective witnesses of the gospel of Christ Jesus
  5. The groups also provide support systems for members who have the same needs or are going through similar situations.

As a result the formation of four distinctive subgroups was formed to accommodate all

  • Emeralds-single ladies
  • Rubies-single mothers
  • Crysolities or Diamonds-widowed or those separated from their husbands
  • Sapphires’-Married women


Precious stones are prized for their beauty and value and are frequently mentioned in the scriptures. They are symbols of honor, blessings and wisdom e.g.

  1. The breastplate of the high priest was set with 12 jewels among them crystallites or diamonds, sapphires’, emeralds and rubies Exodus 28;15-21
  2. Jewels were and still are being used in royal crowns 2 Samuel 30
  3. The new Jerusalem is described as being constructed of Jewels Rev21:18-21

Our Mission

To introduce people to Jesus Christ, making them worshipers of the Father in Spirit and truth to help them grow in their Christ-like character so that they can reproduce the same process in others.

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