Binti Tulizo Ministry

This is one of the ministries in Deliverance Church Donholm which usually focuses on women of all ages. Its main goal is to empower and equip women by educating them on different aspects of life. It can also be described as a source of ease for women from home or work hence the name Tulizo which is derived from the Kiswahili word ‘Tuliza’.


  1. Naomi – This is an older woman reaching to the younger woman to encourage and empower them.
  2. Dorcas – This is a ministry under Binti Tulizo Ministry which offers emotional and financial support to ladies in case of a wedding or bereavement.
  3. Senior mums – This is a sub-ministry of ladies aged 55 and above. The ladies meet and encourage each other to avoid the emptiness and feeling alone that normally comes with getting older.
  4. Single mums – This is a sub-ministry of ladies who are single mothers. They meet to encourage and share the challenges that they experience.


  • Integrity – We stick to doing the right thing in all circumstances and always being true to ourselves.
  • Respect – We value and appreciate all our members.
  • Love – We love one another as the bible states that, ‘Whoever lives in lovelives in God, and God in them.’ Ephesians 4:2.


We normally hold monthly meetings to sharpen each other as ladies through:

  • Focus groups where we have different discussions for example succession, poverty in the mind, bereavement and much more.
  • Retreats to talk about various life changing issues, for instance marriage and sex.
  • Encourage each other by sharing our life experiences with each other.

Holding a celebration on the monthly meeting by cutting of cake.

Socializing with the ladies by sharing a cup of tea with each other.

Organizing conferences where speakers are invited to talk to the ladies about various topics, for instance ‘Rooted in Christ.’


  • There has been a growth in the number of ladies that attend our events from 70 to 250 ladies. There has also been a growth in the number of ladies that are in our praise and worship team.
  • We have been able to empower more ladies through the focus groups that we have and topics discussed in our meetings.
  • We have undertaken CSR activities for instance we fed 50 families.

Ongoing projects

  • We are planning to start a short course on various topics for the ladies to undertake for example cooking and making soaps or mats.
  • We are also planning to start a mothers to boys program.

If you would like to join the ladies ministry in empowering other ladies please contact:

+254 724 711 747 / +254 (0)20 529 6485- Elizabeth Kinyua

Our Mission

To introduce people to Jesus Christ, making them worshipers of the Father in Spirit and truth to help them grow in their Christ-like character so that they can reproduce the same process in others.

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