Welfare Ministry

This is a ministry that assists church members with financial needs and provides counseling. To be eligible to get financial aid you are required to go through the below process:

The process

  1. Write to the welfare department expressing your financial need and the help needed. You need to get a recommendation letter from an accountability group.
  2. The committee then goes through the letter and shortlists the ones they believe need the help most.
  3. Call for interviews, the shortlisted candidates go through an interview process where they are required to state the gravity of the problem, how the church can assist, the genesis of the problem, why you need the church to help and look at other ways the church can help. During this stage you are also offered some counselling to help with the problem that you are going through.
  4. Once selected you are given financial assistance but this is determined by how the committee believes if the best way to help. Some of the areas of assistance: Medical fees, business capital and school fees.

The leader responsible for this ministry is: Titus Muriu

Our Mission

To introduce people to Jesus Christ, making them worshipers of the Father in Spirit and truth to help them grow in their Christ-like character so that they can reproduce the same process in others.

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