Biblical fasting is refraining from food for a spiritual purpose

It brings one into a deeper, more intimated and powerful relationship with the lords.

There are common and major three types of fasting found in the scripture: absolute fast, normal fast and partial fast

Absolute fast

This is fast which should be done for a short period of time. In this kind of fast, you take nothing (dry fast), no food and water at all. This will also depend on your health and it is good to be advised by a doctor

Normal fast

In this fast, you normally go without food of any kind for a certain number of days. You take some water in plenty or juice to maintain your body.

Partial fast

In this fast, it involves giving up a particular food or drinks for an extended period of time.

This kind of fast can be done from a certain time e.g. 6am-6pm or 1.00 pm 0 6.00 am. This kind of fast is commonly used as an example in the book of Daniel, while he was at captivity in Babylon. The duration of the fast can vary. It can be three days, seven days, twenty one days etc. Fasting will help you into your identity.