Prayerful Petition: Provoking the Supernatural

Prayerful Petition: Provoking the Supernatural

Petitioning is to ask from a point of sincerity. In the bible, Jesus told the story of the unjust judge to remind us that prayer must be perseverant and relentless [Luke 18:1-8]. Just because the answer didn’t come immediately doesn’t mean that we should recoil back to the cocoon of prayerlessness and say that God doesn’t answer. We must pray with perseverance. We must ask in faith. We must call on God with tenacity because we know and believe that He answers prayer. Could it be that in the areas that you are not experiencing overflow, you gave up and stopped praying?

The point here is not to make us feel like prayer is a work of the flesh that we can use to mechanically move God to do things for us. God is not seated in heaven reluctantly refusing to answer our prayers in order to make us persevere in prayer. No! As one preacher once said, “prayer is not trying to overcome Gods reluctance, its laying hold of Gods faithfulness”. God is faithful; He wants to minister to us based on His faithfulness and goodness. Persevering in prayers and petitions is good because it builds our faith and forges our spiritual muscles.

Did you pray for something that you know is the will of God and it has not come through. Pray again. Petition again. Find someone who can agree with you in prayer. Ask again. God is willing and able to meet your needs. Don’t get tired of asking Him to fulfill his word concerning you. He takes great pleasure and delight in answering our prayers if and when we ask. Pray with understanding and pray in the spirit 1st Corinthians 14:14. One of the benefits of praying in the spirit [Praying in tongues] is that it builds our faith and causes our expectation to expand [Jude 1:20]. I challenge you to take one area where you want to see Gods overflow and engage in prayerful petition until you see the manifestation of Gods goodness in that area. Don’t quit prayer because true prayer doesn’t quit.

A Scripture to Remember.

“…praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication… –  Ephesians 6:18

An assignment to pray about and work through.

Share with the friends in your group something pressing that you need them to agree with you in prayer. Look for time and together get your faith in agreement and petition heaven for an answer to that issue. Be sure to share a testimony with them when God answers.