Posture for overflow

Posture for overflow

Passion is a word that brims with energy. Prophetic is a word that oozes with possibility. You need to learn how to by faith you can stay in a place of prophetic passion so that you can command your overflow. Prophetic passion here means that as you exercise your authority as a believer, you are keeping alive the picture of what God showed you in your heart. You are in a state of drive towards the promises that God has made of your live and the resolve in your heart reminds you that you must never quit until the prophetic possibilities are fulfilled. You live from a place where you say I’m going to get Gods will done, nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

There is nothing as empowering in your journey for overflow as engaging in pursuit from a place of prophetic passion. Again, sometimes back, I reminded us in one of the Sunday preaching’s the words that Paul spoke to timothy in 1st Timothy 1:18 “This charge, I commit unto thee, according to the prophesies that went before thee, that thou by them might wage a good warfare.” As a believer, its always important to remember that your engagement in spiritual warfare determines your natural welfare. But prophetic passion is key in warfare. You must battle from a place that knows what God said and is assured that His word cannot fail. It’s a sure word of prophesy!!

Prophetic passion means that you must hold firmly to every word God ever spoke to you no matter what contradictions you face. Contradiction in the natural does not negate the credibility of the prophetic word. If you can persevere in prayer, faith and passionate engagement with that word, eventually, your reality will change to reflect what the word said. Prophetic passion means that you come to a place where Gods word and truth are a greater reality to you than your reality. God’s word can change reality but reality cannot change Gods word. Prophetic passion is critical for the release of overflow. Let the word drive you, your prayers and declarations about your life and overflow.

A Scripture to Remember.

“Wage warfare according to prophecies you have received.…. 1 Timothy 1:18

An assignment to pray about and work through.

Reflect on things that God has spoken to you both personally and through others. Take stock and see which ones have come to pass and which ones haven’t. Purposefully take time to pray through and prophetically affirm your faith by confessing your anticipation that God will fulfill this promises.