Breaking Strongholds through Prayer and fasting

One must accept that the battle has been won ,Mathew 28:18,Jesus said all power and authority is his,so if you’re in Christ – guess what you’re on the winning side many believer’s are not walking in the power and authority that Christ died to give them. Let the revelation of his victory permeate your faith and cause you to operate to operate from a winning stand. James 2 :17 tells us that we must be able to allow faith to  be demonstrated in our actions, don’t just say it ,believe you’re the righteousness of God through Christ, Then when this forces hit you,you more than a conqueror, let your life be faith filled and live like you believe the  words you read in your Bible. Its about revelation and transformation, not memorization faith without action is dead actualize it in action.Pray and seek Gods face,ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your prayers ,use Gods  words to decree and establish this authority of Gods word in your life over any stronghold ,negative operations  or negative spiritual forces. We need to reject and inject Gods say in the matters instead .God has already elevated his word above his name.We need to stand and but strong in God even when this challenges come to us.Ephesians 6:10, Paul tells Christians to be strong in the lord and in the power of his might. Don’t go this alone ,stand strong in the lord and he will fight the battle for you .walk in the Spirit and not in your own natural ability .The lord will fight for you. Just direct the battle to him and be still and  carry on with your prayers and fasting breaking all negativity and strongholds as you pray.