Teens Ministry

The Teens Ministry has been able to touch the lives of many teenagers between the ages of 13-20 and has been mandated with the responsibility of unleashing a generation of teens who do not conform to peer pressure and cultural norms. This ministry is one of many ministries in Deliverance Church Donholm and its main emphasis is for each and every teen to experience God on a personal level. This is achieved through running dynamic and relevant Teen’s Services every Sunday, Mentorship programs on a weekly basis, Counselling as well as outdoor events.

Core values:

  • Accountability
  • Holiness
  • Identity
  • Greatness


To educate and enlighten the teens through Sunday services known as “Fireplace” from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and Bible Study.

To encourage and offer emotional support to the teens through Counselling sessions and prayers.

To offer knowledge, advice and resources to the teens to groom them into more knowledgeable individuals. This normally happens through:

  • Express- This is a mentorship program for form four leavers.
  • ETC- This is a mentorship program for high school students.

To interact and socialise with each other through games and dancing practices.

Achievements as a ministry

There has been tremendous spiritual growth and growth in the numbers of teens in the Ministry from about 50 to now 500.

More teens have been saved and given their lives to Christ.

Some of the teens who had addictions have been released from these addictions such as drug abuse, pornography and masturbation.

There has also been talent discovery where one has been able to know their talents and gifts and use them well in spreading the gospel of Christ.

Leaders in the ministry

Kelvin Wanyoike- Pastor

Monica Kelvin- Pastor

Brian Ohono- Chairman

Elsie Kirui- Chairlady

Ivana Kasichana Kazuri- Spiritual affairs coordinator

Emmanuel- Secretary general

Sharon Mbenya Mutuku- Hospitality and protocol response

If you are a teen and would like to become a “Teen on fire for God” by joining the Teen’s Ministry please do not hesitate to contact:

+254 724 711 747 / +254 (0)20 529 6485- Pastor Kelvin Wanyoike

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